5D6N Luang Prabang Laos: Beautiful Kuang Si Falls, Bear Sanctuary Tour

Luang Prabang, Laos

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Luang Prabang: 5D6N Luang Prabang Laos: Beautiful Kuang S...

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This 5 day adventure allows you to experience many aspects of beautiful Luang Prabang from stunning Kuang Si Falls, behind the scenes access to bear sanctuary and cultural experiences of rice farming and temples. Diwali long weekend 25th to 29th. Fly Friday and Comeback Tuesday 2 day time off Weather in Oct - Good time to travel

Kung Xi waterfalls

Experience beautiful nature and cool down in the stunning light blue pools of Kung Xi waterfalls

Free the bears: Behind the scenes tours at Free the Bears

Threats facing the bears in Asia are numerous and endemic. Habitat loss and illegal wildlife trade poaching, exotic pet owners, or people planning to use them in traditional medicine. Poachers kill or capture bears via hunting or snare traps, selling them locally or smuggling them abroad and thousands of bears were being held in these horrifying conditions throughout Asia, regularly milked for their bile to be used in traditional medicines. But it's not all bad news there are efforts from local communities national governments and rescue centres aimed at ending the suffering of these bears. The Free the bears rescue is one such group. They have rescue centres Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia rescuing bears from poachers, bile farms, providing the bears a sanctuary to live out the rest of their life with good quality and also educating the local communities and wider population

Rice Farming experience

Sticky Rice is the lifeblood of the Lao people. From meals to desserts and even drinks, almost everything is made from sticky rice. To understand Laos, you have to understand sticky rice. And what better way than to experience the 15 steps of rice farming for yourself? Join our Rice Farming Experience to try your hand at ploughing, planting, harvesting, threshing and even cooking sticky rice! Set in a beautiful rice farm cooperative, you can also check out their sugar cane making process and their amazing organic garden where you can even try vegetables right after plucking them from the branch!

Mekong Sunset Cruise

Experience the spectacular Luang Prabang sunset on the Mekong on a traditional Laotian boat with a local family who owns the boat

Guided Exploring Luang Prabang Full-Day Tour

Explore the culture and history of Luang Prabang on this fully guided tour of the city's temples, museums, art centers and more. You'll visit the gilded halls of Wat Xiang Thong and Wat Visoun, plus check out the Royal Palace. Your friendly, local guide will share information about the dynamic culture and traditions of indigenous hill tribes and unlock hidden secrets of this incredible destination.


Day 1 (26th Oct): fly to Luang Prabang
- Hotel check-in
- Hike up to mount Phpu Si to see city skyline and/or visit night market (Sisavangvong Road)
- Go for dinner in town
- Drinks and chill at UTOPIA bar highly recommended

Day 2 (27th Oct):
- Free the Bears: Behind the scenes tours at Free the Bears, Laos
- 10:15am: tour of the rescued bears; this will include visiting some behind the
scenes areas.
- 11:15am Help the Bear Care Team hide food in one of our bear forest enclosures
and then watch them enjoy.
- 12:00 tour ends

- 12.30pm Kung Xi hike - 20 min hike

- 1 pm visit the Kuang Xi Waterfalls and lunch
Swim, have at one of the stalls lunch/or do picnic lunch if the hotel can pack us
lunch and chill

- Come back to hotel and free time

Day 3 (28th Oct):
- 8am to 5pm: Guided Exploring Luang Prabang Full-Day Tour
- Come back to hotel and free time

Day 4 (29th Oct):
- 8.00am Try a Rice farming
- 12.30pm Go to the hotel shower and rest
- 4.40pm Mekong Sunset Cruise and dinner

Day 5 (30th Oct): Fly back to Singapore