[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali

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Bali: [5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali

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As there are members asking about going for the Open Water Course together, so, here it is. If you are keen, you are very welcome to join. It will be fun. :)

For those who are already certified, can join us for diving! Usually is 3 dives per day and the dive spots are depending on the no. of divers. Contact me for further info on the cost.:)

The cost stated covers everything – the three days dive course including two days open water dive, exam, and certification fees; accommodation, transportation, except some meals. This trip will require you to take at least 2 days leave (3 days if you choose to arrive early in Bali on the first day.)


Every scuba diver of all levels can enjoy the magnificent diving in Bali. 
The beautiful location that is known as PadangBai, has dive sites that will cater for everyone person and level. It is home to thousands of different fish species and coral formations, the colors are truly magnificent. There are many dive locations and even a small wreck to explore and a tourist submarine which ambles past divers at Blue Lagoon.
[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia
The PADI Open Water Course: Your First Step to Scuba Diving 
Ever wondered about life under the sea? Here’s your chance to find out for yourself. The PADI Open Water Course prepares you for your first underwater adventure, arming you with the necessary knowledge and skills you’ll need to dive safely and competently. Because you'll want to be at ease when you're immersed in the beauty of the ocean. Upon your successful completion of the course, you’ll be qualified to plan and conduct open water dives with a teammate – up to a maximum depth of 18 metres.
The course will:
1. Give you a theoretical and practical overview of key diving concepts.
2. Acquaint you with basic diving equipment as well as gear set-up and handling.
3. Equip you with essential open water diving skills such as safe descents and ascents, underwater breathing, movement, buddy communication and more.
4. Prepare you for underwater problem management (such as equipment malfunction or loss) via a series of drills practised during pool sessions
You will not only learn how to dive, you will also learn to be a better diver, to set a better example in protecting the corals.
[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia
Established in 1999, Livingseas is the only dive education centre in Singapore that offers the full range of PADI courses along with GUE Recreational and Technical classes. Apart from course-based curricula, they also offer workshops to introduce divers to various types of diving including scooter, double tank and dry suit diving. At Livingseas, safety is their priority so they continually upgrade their equipment knowledge, and are well attuned to developments in the international diving arena. Their love for diving goes beyond the sport – they also support conservation efforts and have established links with marine research groups and various organizations that spearhead environmental protection projects.

• My own experience
I got my open water certification with them and joined their dive trips several times. So, I pretty much familiar with their standard and service quality. They first started in Singapore then to Bali and now in Jakarta. They are also active in coral conservation which from what I know not many dive centre do so. You may want to read my experience attending the Open Water Course with Livingseas Jakarta and the coral planting with Living Seas in Seribu.

*Note: The course delivery in Jakarta and in Bali can be slightly different due to the facilities availability. For sure it won't affect in training you to be a better certified open water diver. ;)

• Wide-ranging expertise
Livingseas instructors are all active Global Underwater Explorers (an organization dedicated to more serious and challenging diving) with a passion for the sport. They teach what they know, and how they dive, so the students can look forward to tapping into their experience and know-how beyond recreational diving


If you have any questions, feel free to Whatsapp me (Tracy) at +62 812 9898 1812. Thank you! :)

[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia
For easier coordination, you will stay in Dewi Villa where the course will be conducted.

[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia

(Around S$205 without check-in baggage)

You may choose to arrive earlier on day 1 or to return to Singapore later on the last day. If you choose to follow the following flight, be prepared to reach your accommodation at very late nite. From the airport to Dewi Villa takes about 1.5 hour. 
[5D4N] Open Water Course & Dive in Bali starting at Bali, Indonesia


DAY 1 (27/02/2019): Airport – Padang Bay
Pick up from the airport and checking in to your accommodation in Padang Bay. No leave required if you take the last flight from Singapore (please refer to the tentative flight information). The course will start on day 2 but because it will start in the morning, so you have to reach one day earlier.
DAY 2 (28/02/2019): Padang Bay - Course Day 1 (B,L)
Day 1 course will be more about theory and knowledge that you need to know about diving such as Physics of diving, Buoyancy control, Breathing, Scuba diving gear, Weighting, Underwater communication, Water and environmental conditions, Dive planning and safety stops, and more.
DAY 3 (01/03/2019): Padang Bay - Course Day 2 (B,L)
Day 2 course will get you more into practice and be more prepared for the next day final open water diving. This practice includes Gearing up, Entry and exit, Descent and ascent, Breathing underwater, Equipment handling, Basic drills
DAY 4 (02/03/2019): Padang Bay - Course Day 3 (B,L)
Day 3 course will be the final practice of what you have learned for the past two days. There will be a certification exam at the end of the course (multiple choice). 
DAY 5 (03/03/2019): Padang Bay – Airport (B)
After breakfast, get ready to check out. You will go back to Singapore on the evening flight. Before that, we will visit one of the waterfall in Bali, the village and some other places in Bali. Let's leave Bali with beautiful memories!