[5D4N] Meti Kei Charm Festival in Southeast Molucca


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: [5D4N] Meti Kei Charm Festival in Southeast Molucca

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Meti Kei Charm Festival


Between New Guinea and Timor, spread throughout the Banda Sea, lie the islands of Maluku Tenggara, also known as the Southeast Moluccas. For the most part, the area is made up of uplifted coral islands—small and barren in the west, somewhat larger and more wooded in the east—where the standard of living is low.

Meti is the name given by East Indonesia residents for a phenomenon where sea water recedes during a certain period every year. During that time, the people of Southeast Maluku will storm the beach to catch fish. The festival that will be celebrated by thousands of dancers with the beautiful landscape of the Kei Islands  as the background, is a rare sight that shall not be missed from this annual festival.



DAY 1 (WED, 26/10/2022): KEI KECIL (L,D)
Arrive at Kei. Watch the Meti Kei Charm Festival. Sunset at Ngurbloat Beach.

DAY 2 (THU, 27/10/2022): KEI BESAR (B,L,D)
After breakfast, head on to Kei Besar by fast boat. Watch the making of Embal, the traditional food from Kei and traditional dance performance in the village. Return to Kei Kecil.

DAY 3 (FRI, 28/10/2022): NGURTAVUR ISLAND (B,L,D)
After breakfast, head to Ngurtavur Island. Watch how the locals catch the fish using traditional method in the Meti Kei Festival.

DAY 4 (SAT, 29/10/2022): CLOSING CEREMONY (B,L,D)
Closing ceremony of Meti Kei Charm Festival. Colossal Dance.

DAY 5 (SUN, 30/10/2022): KEI KECIL (B,L,D)
Free programme. Drop off to the airport.

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