[5D4N] Semarang & Karimunjawa Islands (Domestic Flight Included!)

Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia

Semarang Airport

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Semarang: [5D4N] Semarang & Karimunjawa Islands (Domestic...

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During this 4 days trip, we will not only explore the Semarang city but also the Karimunjawa National Park which is about two hours away from Semarang. For two nights we will stay on the island, in a simple homestay while enjoying our day by the beach, island hopping, and snorkelling. While the remaining times, we will see what the capital city of Central Java, Semarang, has to offer. Do join us!


Semarang may not be as popular as other cities in Java Islands. However, the strategic position of Semarang has made the city a melting pot of Chinese, Indian Arab, and European cultures. Wander around the Chinese quarters and the Dutch commercial district, you will see the influences of different cultures everywhere. In the older part of the city near harbour named Kota Lama, or the Oudstadt, stroll around to explore the historic old buildings in what was once the European commercial district.

The one thing that you definitely must try in Semarang’s Chinatown is the famous Lumpia (Springroll) Semarang. A dish that is similar to the springroll, the Lumpia has a sweet yet savoury taste and is filled with bamboo shoots, egg, chicken or shrimp. It can either be served in a soft wrap or deep fried, with a side of delicious thick brown sauce, freshly cut spring onions, birds eye chilli and lettuce.

[5D4N] Semarang & Karimunjawa Islands (Domestic Flight Included!) starting at Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia[5D4N] Semarang & Karimunjawa Islands (Domestic Flight Included!) starting at Semarang, Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia

The Karimunjawa archipelago, located in the Java Sea, north of the capital city of Semarang, has everything to offer sea lovers who enjoy trekking and snorkeling along a pristine beach. The Karimunjawa National Park (not to be confused with the Karimun Islands in Bintan, Riau) is one amongst seven marine national parks in Indonesia.

The pristine beaches and seas are home to healthy coral reefs that scatter in an 80 km wide area all the way to the coast of Jepara. Two protected biota species here are the black coral (Antiphates sp)and organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica). Others include the triton trumpet, the hornet helmet, and the pearly-chambered nautilus. Here are also hawksbill turtles, common green turtles, and on land are the red-breasted parakeet and other tropical bird species.

The archipelagic Karimunjawa, thought not as known the Marine reserves near Ambon and Manado, has unexpectedly good beaches, reefs and lovely sea scopes. Corals seem to blossom in to gardens, with an Amazing variety of form and color fishers and marine plants. Fringing reefs, atolls, wrecks and an excellent variety of different species make diving in Karimunjawa an unforgettable adventure.

Sam Poo Kong Temple

Cheng Ho is a Chinese admiral who commands expeditions to Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Africa. Precisely during the 15th century. In 1416, he stops at north Java, in a city nowadays known as Semarang. Sam Poo Kong Temple built to commemorate his arrival.

Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo is a group of Hindu temples located in Central Java, Indonesia. Located at 1200 mdpl, around Mt. Ungaran, the temperature here is much chiller. From here, we can see Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Andong, and a little glimpse of Mt. Merapi.


Pick up from Semarang Airport and we will explore Semarang before check in to our hotel. Stay overnight in Semarang. Today’s activities will be depending on the arrival time.

After breakfast, we will visit Sam Poo Kong Temple, the oldest temple in Semarang and Mount Ungaran. We will also savour the local popiah. Stay overnight in Semarang.

After breakfast, get ready to check out. Before heading to the airport, we will savour one of the popular local delicacies - Loenpia in Semarang. Then, we will head to the airport for our flight to Karimunjawa (about 30 minutes). Reach Karimunjawa around noontime, check in to our homestay and rest while waiting for our lunch. At 2 pm, we will explore the island, go to Love Hill, and enjoy Tanjung Gelam Beach. Back to our homestay after sunset and have our dinner around 7 pm. Free time afterwards.

After breakfast, get your gears and suits ready. We will go snorkelling at Menjangan Kecil and Cemara Kecil. Lunch with grilled fish will be served while we are at Cemara Kecil Island. After lunch, we will go to Karang Gosong, a sandbar in the middle of the sea. Then we will see the baby shark and enjoy the sunset near Menjangan Kecil Island. Dinner at the homestay and free time afterwards.

After breakfast, free time until check out time at 10 am. We will take a flight back to Semarang.

*If necessary, the itinerary may subject to change depending on the situation on the day.