4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking


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Indonesia: 4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking

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By Popular Demand!

Those who have gone to Bromo & Ijen Craters have been fascinated by its magnificent sunrises and views.

Why wait, let's come and join us on 28 to 31 Oct 2016 (Fri-Mon)

What’s more, it is fall on  Public Holidays ON 29 Oct 2016, it’s time to have a good break!

4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking  starting at Indonesia

Mt. Bromo

At 2,329 metres (7,641 ft), Mt. Bromo is still an active volcano and you can see steam/smoke rising from the depths of the crater. The culture of the East Javanese people forbids them to speak anything ill of the volcano/natural disasters. So when you're there, please do not say something like Mt. Bromo might erupt.

4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking  starting at Indonesia

4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking  starting at Indonesia

Mt. Ijen

Kawah Ijen Volcano lies in eastern Java. It is one of a series of volcanoes, including Raung, Bromo, Semeru and Merapi. Ijen is famed for having some of the most astonishing views on the island, due in large part to the surrounding volcanoes, as well as the picturesque turquoise lake that lies in the volcano’s crater. (This lake is also the largest acidic lake on earth)!

The mystery of the blue fire glow is ignited sulphuric gas, which emerges from cracks with temperatures up to 600°С. The glow is quite weak, so it can be seen only at night.

As astonishing as the blue flames are, perhaps even more remarkable are the sulfur miners who work inside of the volcano. The work is grueling; it’s a job that no one would do for any reason other than income.

All this contribute of making Mt. Ijen a highlight of any trip to Indonesia.

4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking  starting at Indonesia

4D3N Magnificent Bromo+Ijen Sunrise Trekking  starting at Indonesia


Day 1- Airport-Bodowoso City- Ijen Crater+ Ijen 'blue fire' trekking

Day 2- Pekalen White Water- Rafting- Bromo Sunrise+Crater

Day 3- *Malang City*-Shop/Relax

Day 4- *Batu City*- famous Banyak Mountain


How to Book Air-Ticket :

Flight Details 

Departing By Tiger-Air, Flight: TR2260 (One-Way)

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 Singapore (SIN) 08:15 to Surabaya (SUB) 09:35

Departing By Jetstar Asia Flight: 3K 250 (One-Way)

Mon, 31Oct 2016 SUB 20:45 to SIN 01Nov16, 00:05 AM


Event Details:-

Date:  28 to 31 Oct 2016 (Fri-Mon)

Group size:  30pax

Confirmed: 27pax ( 3 more pax to go!)

Package of $480 Accommodation,

Meals (except last day) & Transportation


-  Personal expenses

-  Additional food/beverage we prepared during meal time

-  Return Air-Ticket


How to Register:

1)  RSVP and provide name & mobile #, passport>6month validity

2)  Transfer $480  to POSB Current Account 738-00495-7 by End Sep 2016

3)  Text 94884478 me once done with Print-screen Receipt

4)  Suggested Itinerary will be given to Confirmed Participants


Details Itinerary: 
*28 Oct 2016 (Fri)-Day 1* 
0930am-arrival surabaya airport 
12pm- Lunch inclusive 
1pm- depart to Bondowoso City 
6pm-check in Palm Hotel 
630pm- Dinner Inclusive 
7pm- Early Sleep 
1030pm- Checkout Hotel 
11pm- Journey to Ijen area 

1am- Reach Paltuding Trek Point  
130am- Start to trek 4km to reach Ijen  Crater Top 
3am- Descend to watch " Blue Fire Sulphur", can see those labourers working at blue hot sulphur crator 
4am- Walk back to the crator top  
5am- Waiting for Sunrise and the magnificent view of crator top!! 
6am- Walk down to Paltuding area 8am-washup & breakfast 
9am-Drive to Water Rafting Area 
230pm-Get Ready for Rafting!! 
430pm-Get change & Go 
5pm-Depart to Bromo 
8pm- Dinner & Check in Hotel 

*30 Oct16(Sun)-Day3* 
3am- Take Jeep to Sunrise Point & 
Enjoy sunrise Panoramic View 
5am- Take Jeep to bromo crater & dessert area, for horse riding to crater will be own cost. 
9am- Hotel breakfast & checkout 
10am- Depart to Malang City 
130pm- Lunch Inclusive 
230pm- Check in Balava Hotel 
330pm- Malang City Tour 
6pm-Dinner Inclusive 
7pm- Free & Easy(Shop/Massage) 

*31 Oct16(Mon),Day4* 
7am: Breakfast 
8am: Checkout Hotel 
10am: Reach Batu City, visit Banyak Mountain (para-gilding-own cost)

12pm: Lunch inclusive

1pm: Visit apple plantation & hotspring 
3pm- Depart to Airport

6pm- Reach airport & dinner at own cost

845pm- Flight back to singapore


Disclaimer, Indemnity and Terms of Participation:

 1.  If the participant is late or does not show up at the meeting point specified on date and time, the organizer will not wait for the participant.

2.  It is the participant's onus to find out and fulfill, in a timely manner, the immigration requirements of the trip destination with regard to his / her own nationality - i.e. visas, permits etc. In the absence of essential documentation, the organizers shall not be liable for the consequences of incomplete trip formalities. 

3.  The participant acknowledges that this is an adventure trip. The itinerary serves as a guide only and flexibility or changes may be required. Members who do not cooperate or adhere to the instructions and advice set out by the Event Host shall be removed from the event. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any changes, cancellations or delays caused by accidents, strikes, government regulations, weather conditions or natural calamities, etc. 

4.  All participants are strongly advised to have comprehensive travel insurance against medical exigencies, personal accidents, natural calamities, etc. with the appropriate coverage of activities and geographical area.

5.  The participant understands that during the course of the trip certain events may occur, including, but not limited to, accident or illness, political instability and the forces of nature. The participant agrees to assume all risks associated with the trip and indemnifies the organizers and hosts against all claims, disputes arising from his / her participation. 

**I confirm that I have read, agree & accept the above terms and conditions before participating in this event.**