3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Padi Half Day Course @ East Tioman

Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia

Newton Circus Food Centre

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Tioman Island: 3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Pad...

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“hi, I'm nicole! - I love uncovering hidden Travel gems & going the distance to experience them all around South East Asia over Singapore's various public holidays / long weekends! I'm particularly a fan of Animals, Wildlife & Nature - believe in taking the time to research about Ethical Animal Experiences, enjoy the most natural Wildlife Safaris, meaningful experiences, spend less time at touristy / but must see spots + dedicate most time in my itineraries to Nature. I believe in good planning with a dose of spontaneity / flexibility, comfort & value over cheapness, strive to keep prices at market rate / what you might usually pay. I like staying in more quaint / localised accommodations VS commercialised hotels, enjoying the local recommended food of each place I visit, and soaking in some good lively ambience and atmosphere, preferably with chill live music and a drink or two! I'm also really into Photography, picked it up since 10 years + ago, first as a hobby. I've now been working as a Photographer for 6 going 7 years shooting Events for companies. Happy to share everything I know about Photography / help you take some sweet new profile pics if you're coming on a trip with me! ;) got a question about a trip? WhatsApp message me at +65 9184 0209.”

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got a Question about this trip? WhatsApp message me (nicole, Animal Encounters) at +65 9184 0209

this is the TRY DIVING group for VESAK DAY, want to do the full 5D4N DIVING LICENSE course? go to this link: https://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/5d4n-vesak-day-learn-diving-padi-open-water-course-lesser-known-east-tioman/475


Sat 18 - Mon 20 May 2019


3 Days 2 Nights with Vesak Day Holiday


3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Padi Half Day Course @ East Tioman  starting at Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia

photo: Klook


* PADI : Professional Association of Diving Instructors, the World's leading Scuba Diver training organisation. 

In the past, Scuba Diving was considered an activity only more affluent people could do. You would need to be ready to pay ~ S$600 for a Diving Course over 4 - 5 days before you could be officially certified to Dive.

(Lucky Yous! I learnt Diving 4 Years ago and didn't have this Cool opportunity to try Diving out first before I was ready to commit the time and money for the official License!) 

a Certified PADI Diving Instructor will teach you the Basics and Need to Knows of Diving, using your Equipment.

You will try out your Equipment in the shallow waters on the Beach / Shore, learn the Basic Hand Signals for communication Underwater.  

There after you will be equipped in same gear as regular Divers to go for your very first 45min Dive Underwater!

* This is purely an introductory experience meant to help people get a feel of Diving if it is for them. You would still need to do a proper official 4-5 day course should you desire to be officially certified as a Diver! 

got a Question about this trip? WhatsApp message me (nicole, Animal Encounters) at +65 9184 0209


The West (left) side of Tioman Island where the Ferries drop People off are indeed crowded and Diving on this (left) side is not very nice anymore due to over population, pollution.. I first learnt my Diving there. 

Fortunately I discovered the quaint East (right) side of Tioman Island on my quest to seek out a Turtle Conservation Centre on this (right) side of the Island.

We'll need to take a 20min Jeep ride across the Island to the other side! Not many people know about this unless they know to specifically stay there! 

Here there are less Tourists than on the West / left side, though it is quickly gaining more and more popularity with bigger Resorts being built on this East / right side of the Island! 

Diving here is still pretty nice, you can actually see Corals, Fish - unlike in the West / left side where I think I just most saw dying Coral and like a billion Sea Urchins! 

3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Padi Half Day Course @ East Tioman  starting at Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia

Other than Learning Diving we can also spend some time to pop by the Turtle Conservation Centre Juara Turtle Project.

Learn about Sea Turtles, their Plight, and Conservation Efforts. 

Support an Ethical Turtle Centre. That prioritises the Animals' wellbeing rather than our Human need to see them. :) 

No - they do not keep Baby Sea Turtles because that might disrupt their Natural Behaviour and Life Cycle.

Please Note: during this short visit, you will probably not get to see any live Baby Sea Turtles. it is also not yet the good season for this. 

If you would like a chance to see Baby Sea Turtles, you can join our August National Day trip to Volunteer for 1 Week at the Sea Turtle Conservation Centre. 

It will be our 4th time we will be running the August Sea Turtle Trip. We have been blessed and lucky to see Baby Sea Turtles every single time! 

3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Padi Half Day Course @ East Tioman  starting at Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia

Nothing like a Cat / Kitten to melt your Heart on a Hot Summer Day!!

Hopefully Kittens. This Cat Centre was set up to help sterilise the Stray Cat Population we have also personally seen explode over the 4 years we have been here. 

Some Cats here are sick and being tended to so they do not spread diseases. 

Kittens are being kept here till they are old enough to be sterilised. 




I think this will be like my 5th time in Tioman! 

So I think I know where the best places are to stay! ;)

Breakfast Included!

3D2N - Vesak Day, TRY DIVING, Official Padi Half Day Course @ East Tioman  starting at Tioman Island, Pahang, Malaysia

I am already a certified Diver and would like to organise this trip to help others come learn Diving too as I found it to be such a Fun, Exciting thing! 

I never thought I would learn Diving, but as someone who loves Animals, I realised it is only in the Sea that Animals truly roam free of Human control. And it is a very wonderful, magical thing to see, Fish swimming freely. In fact, you will feel like a floating flying fish too! 

Say what you want, Safaris are actually just really big parks.
But in the Ocean, Animals are truly Free! 

want the full Diving License & Course? please join our 5D4N group, link: https://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/5d4n-vesak-day-learn-diving-padi-open-water-course-lesser-known-east-tioman/475

Got a Question about Diving? Ask me! :)
WhatsApp message me (nicole, Animal Encounters)
+65 9184 0209

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read through the following terms of participation before RSVP: http://www.threeplaygrounds.com/pages/champion-terms-of-participation

* Itinerary serves as Guide only and may change due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond my control.

DISCLAIMER: Your safety and well-being during the trip are your sole responsibility. By RSVP for this event, you have confirmed that you have read, acknowledged, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions of participating in this trip.


got a question about a trip? WhatsApp message me (nicole) at +65 9184 0209



>>> DAY 1 SAT 18 MAY 2019

Take Coach, Ferry, Jeep to East / right side of Tioman Island
Settle into Accomodation / Afternoon 

if time allows, visit Juara Turtle Project or Animal (Cat) Welfare Centre

>>> DAY 2 SAT 18 MAY 2019

Half Day Discover Diving Course

(this is purely a intro course, no License will be provided, if you want the License please join our 5D4N group) link: https://www.threeplaygrounds.com/adventure/5d4n-vesak-day-learn-diving-padi-open-water-course-lesser-known-east-tioman/475

Start Learning about Diving Equipment
Diving Hand Signs for Communication Underwater
You will put on Diving Gear and try out Everything on the Beach / Shore in shallow Water

if time allows, visit Juara Turtle Project or Animal (Cat) Welfare Centre

>>> DAY 3 SUN 19 MAY 2019

Journey back to Singapore (since we are running both this shorter 3D2N TRY DIVING course and 5D4N LEARN DIVING (obtain Diving License course) at the same time, please be prepared you might have to Journey back on your own. 

you will be briefed during the SG > Tioman journey what to look out for to return Tioman > SG.