[3D2N] Bunaken Island (Snorkelling & Diving)

Manado, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia


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Manado: [3D2N] Bunaken Island (Snorkelling & Diving)

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Whether you are new to snorkelling or rarely do it, or you prefer diving, you are welcome to join! Below is a preview of our previous trip when few of us went diving. :)

The translucent waters of the Bunaken seas enable people to clearly view numerous sea biota. There are 13 species of coral reefs in this park, dominated by edge ridges and block ridges of rocks. The most attractive view is the steep vertical sloppy coral reef that plunges down as deep as 25-50 meters. Steep walls are marked with deep crevices, sea fans and giant sponges.

The shallows are filled with fishes. The wall, often protected from stronger currents, is frequented by bumphead parrotfish, turtles, and Napoleon wrasses. You can also explore the island on foot or you can take a boat to move from one dive site to the other Just walking around the beach is already enjoyable experience.

[3D2N] Bunaken Island (Snorkelling & Diving) starting at Manado, Manado City, North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Enjoy the view of the volcanic lake Linouw


DAY 1: Airport – Linouw Lake
Pick up at Sam Ratulangi International Airport and then head to Linouw Lake to enjoy a sip of coffee or tea with the view of the lake. Stop by for dinner before checking in to our hotel. Free programme afterwards.

DAY 2: Bunaken
After breakfast, around 7.30 am, get ready to go to Bunaken! Snorkelling at 2-3 spots, lunch on the island. And back to the hotel in the evening time.

DAY 3: Hotel – Airport
After breakfast, get ready to check out. We will stop by at the local stores for some shopping. Drop off at the airport.