Our website has just undergone a makeover that will hopefully make browsing adventures a lot more fun and enjoyable for you!

What’s new?  

  • You now have a top menu to easily navigate through an adventure – highlights itinerary, and summary.

  • You’ll see a “Book Now” button to make booking easy and simple

  • Interested in the trip but not quite ready to commit? Click “Follow adventure” to receive updates via email or WhatsApp
  • Just click the new ‘Send a Message’ button to ask your organizer questions one-on-one (instead of to the entire group)
  • No more confusion about “Is this trip on or not?” The trip status is now shown at the top right.

Which does the new adventure status mean? 

Gathering Interest  The organizer of this trip is asking for input – if you are interested in the destination, click follow to have your say in how the trip comes together.

Open for booking  The date and price of this adventure has been confirmed. You can now pay for this adventure to reserve your spot.

Confirmed  This adventure has enough travellers to go ahead – but there are still some spots available.

Fully Booked  There are no more available spots. Join the wait list in case a spot opens up.

Closed for booking  This adventure is no longer accepting travellers, Click “request it again” if you are interested in going again in the future.

Open for RSVPs  This status is for free adventures only. Click on RSVP if you want to join us.

RSVPs closed It is no longer possible to RSVP for this adventure.

So….how does it work?

Step 1 – Gathering interest

Click “follow” to let the organizer know that there’s interest in this adventure, to be in the loop about updates, and to be the first to know when it opens for booking. There is no obligation when clicking “follow”, and you can “unfollow” at any time.

Step 2 – Open for bookings

Now is the time to pay for the trip and book your spot. The first few people to pay even get an early bird discount!

Step 3 – Adventure is confirmed 

Once the minimum pax has been reached, the adventure is confirmed. You can start counting down the days until departure!

What can I expect in the future?

We will continue to make the site better for you

Keep the feedback coming – if you run into any problems or have any questions or comments about the updates, just send us an email at chiefs@threeplaygrounds.com .

Upcoming promotions for DBS/POSB card holders

If you have a DBS or POSB credit card, visit the website for exciting exclusive offers over the coming year!

But most importantly…

Thank you for being a member of our fantastic community – we look forward to sharing many adventures with you.

Now start dreaming about your next adventure with friends at: 


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