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The world is so full of so many places that just call out to the adventurous soul – it’s hard to decide what’s the best. These are some of the destinations on our travel wishlist.

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Ride the Train Through the Sahara Desert

Train carrying iron ore through the western part of Sahara in Mauritania

Photo credit: IronOreMauritaniaSahara2007 by TheMoonIsBlue licenced under CC3.0

Riding the rails with the wind in your hair through the Sahara seems like an impossible journey but it is something you can experience in Mauritania. Travellers are welcome on this 14-hour trip across the Sahara Desert – but there are no passenger cars so travellers sit atop of piles of iron ore as the train speeds along. This truly unique way to experience the vast and dramatic landscapes of the Sahara desert would make for an unforgettable journey which is why it makes our travel wishlist.

SNIM ore train Nouadhibou

SNIM iron ore train on the way to Zouerat, one of the longest in the world (Mauritania)




Photos: SNIM ore train Nouadhibou by Emesik and SNIM iron ore train both licensed under cc3.0

Drive the Karakorum Highway

Gojal Valley borders China and Afghanistan, with its border meeting the Chinese border at Khunjerab — 15,397 feet above sea level — and remains covered with snow all year long.

Photo: Where Pakistan Begins by Mohib Baig licensed under CC 4.0

Connecting the Punjab region of Pakistan with China’s Xinjiang region, the 1300 km long Karakorum Highway offers views one can only expect on a postcard.  Travellers balance precariously in overladen vehicles as they maneuver around switchbacks and traverse narrow ledges that have been carved out of the mountainside. The excitement and danger of the road combined with the unforgettable views of the surrounding mountains and valleys make this one of our top bucket-list destinations.

Summits of Karakoram Mountain Range as seen from the Karakoram Highway near Nagar, Gilgit.

Karakoram Highway "This might have been the most beautiful drive either of us had ever made."





PhotosSummits of KKH by Saadzafar91 is licensed and The Door to Hell by flydime both licensed under CC 3.0 

Food and Culture in Ghent

Ghent Altarpiece, by van Eyck brothers (between circa 1430 and circa 1432)

Ghent, Belgium is an impressive medieval town that is waaaay less touristy than it’s more famous neighbour, Bruges. It is also is home to the (aptly named) Ghent Altarpiece – a giant-sized, minutely detailed 600-year-old masterpiece. Not only is this is one of the most important and influential paintings in history – but it’s bigger and more impressive than other famous paintings like the Mona Lisa. Aside from famous art, Ghent has castles, churches, cobbled streets and a famous belfry. Of course, french fries, muscles, beer candy, waffles and of course lots and lots of chocolate are all on the menu making this the most delicious entry on our travel wishlist. 

Castle with moat in Ghent, Belgum Belfry in Ghent, Belgium

Uncover the Mysteries of Patagonia

Snowy mountains in Patagonia

Patagonia is the mysterious land of mountains, rainbows, and glaciers, located at the very southern tip of South America. Visitors experience towering mountains, rolling grasslands, lush greenery, calving glaciers, and starkly beautiful salt flats – not to mention the rare and unique wildlife (penguins – among others!). Essentially, The perfect place for any avid trekkers or intrepid photographer. It is one of the last great frontiers on earth and is just so, so remote that it calls out to our adventurous hearts – and definitely lands a place on our travel wishlist.

Rainbow and hills

Cave carved out of marble

Travel the Silk Road

Registan square after sunset in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Registan square Samarkand by Ekrem Canli is licensed under CC 3.0

For a millennia goods and ideas were transported across Asia on a route known as the silk road. Boats and planes have since replaced camels and caravans and the world has more-or-less forgotten about the countries of central Asia,  Today Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan still maintain a lot of their nomadic culture and historically significant landmarks. The region is full of beautiful mosaic facades, magnificent mountains, rugged landscapes, quaint yurts, and ancient ruins. All this plus some of the most welcoming people anywhere places this region on our hope-to-visit list.

Yurts. Son Kul lake, Kyrgyzstan

The Door to Hell, a burning natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan.

Photos:Yurts by Mr Hicks46 is licensed and The Door to Hell by flydime both licensed under CC 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

To see and hear more about these and other destinations, get some packing trips, learn how to take a good photo, and much more come to our Travel Fest 2019. To register go to Travel Fest 2019 and click RSVP.

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