Dear all our fellow travelers,


A huge thanks for all your passionate feedback to our community website.

We have heard you!

We have grouped your most frequent requests into 4 buckets, and our designer and web developers have been working to improve each for you over the last months.

These exciting changes will go live in the following days (with lots more to come in 2018):

Your #1 complaint: “I can’t find adventures” 

Solution: You will find a hugely improved search: Search by full-text (for example search for all adventures containing “beach”), or search by country (for example “Malaysia”), or by date (“February 2018”). And you can now sort events by popularity or newness.

3playgrounds pinboard redesign


Your #2 complaint “I can’t see at a glance adventures that I RSVP to and their payment status.” 

You now have a dashboard showing you all your trips. And you see at a glance which trips you already made deposit or payment for.

3playgrounds trips dashboard


Your #3 complaint: “How can I turn on/off receiving these emails?”

You now have fine control over which emails you want to receive in your notifications page.

3playgrounds trips notifications

Your #4 complaint: “I am an organizer and need to see the status of all my events”

As an organizer, you will get a first version of a dashboard showing you your event views, RSVPs  and payments info at a glance (This is only a small start. As an organizer, a lot more things to make your life easy are coming for you in the course of 2018).

3playgrounds trip particpants


…and besides, we’re starting to make everything a whole lot more nice 🙂

Here is a sneak peek at the redesigned pinboard:

3playgrounds pinboard

All these changes will go live in the coming days. If something isn’t working as expected, please bear with us :). Message us at and we’ll address it right away!


We are looking forward to shaping this community site in 2018 per your feedback – so do keep the comments coming!


Yours faithfully,

Britta, Lee Ling, and Georgina

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