Cancellation after payment is very rare and typically you won’t have to deal with any. Still, let’s be prepared just in case!

Let’s first review the cancellation policy that you must comply with when posting on 3PlayGrounds: If a participant pulls out before your “last day to RSVP and pay”, they will obtain a full refund right away, even if they have paid. After your specified “last day to RSVP and pay”, no refunds are provided.

For you, this means: The day after “last day to RSVP and pay”, we will check if the number of paid, non-refunded participants is equal to or larger than your specified “min group size”. If so, we will transfer to you the funds for those participants. Otherwise, your trip is deemed not realized and you will not receive any funds.

Therefore, our strong advice is:

Only make any payment to your operator after “last day to RSVP and pay”.

This way, you avoid any financial risk on your end, even should there be a cancellation.

What to do if you’ve already paid an operator?

That’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either.

First, check: Is the number of paid, non-refunded participants still above your “min group size”? Great, your adventure will still happen.


Re-calculate your cost:

Check with your operator pricing under the reduced group size. Can you can still achieve your financial objective with one person less? If so, great

==> Reduce “min group size”.

Find a replacement:

Is there a waitlist for your trip? Great.

==> Ask the person to unRSVP, or unRSVP the person yourself, or simply increase your “max group size”.

Then 3PlayGrounds will automatically message all waitlisted participants that a new spot has become available and that it is handed out “first come first serve”.

If there is no waitlist, follow these 4 steps:

==> 1. Make sure that your trip on 3PlayGrounds is still accepting RSVPs: The number of RSVPs must be below your “max group size”. If that’s not the case: Either unRSVP the person that cancelled, or just increase “max group size”.

==> 2. Buy yourself some more time: Move out your “last day to RSVP and pay”.

==> 3.  Ask your friends to share a link to your trip on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. It is the best way to reach many people quickly – and it’s free

==> 4. Reach out to the 3PlayGrounds ladies: We can help by promoting your trip in some personal channels we have available. Message us at .

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