Follow this easy checklist of things-to-do when preparing for your multi-day trip.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

While your trip is not realized:
  1. Engage with your participants:

Do not assume your RSVPs are confirmed trip goers. Engagement with your RSVPs is key to build excitement and inspiration, especially if your trip is far into the future. Message each RSVP personally thanking them for signing up. Over the next months, send your group continuous updates about the trip, interesting facts, and why you love the trip, etc. .

  1. Promote your trip for free:

Ask your friends to share the link to your trip on their FB, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

  1. Send payment reminder:

If “last day to RSVP & pay” is coming up: Remind everyone to make payment in time (you need “min group size” participants to pay by “last day to RSVP & pay” to realize your event)

Once your trip is realized (meaning at least ‘min group size’ participants have paid in full) – congrats btw!
  1. Inform your group

Let your group know that the trip is realized

  1. Pay your operators

Confirm the trip with all your operators and transfer the deposit (50% is typical).

  1. Finalize itinerary

Finalize the remaining itinerary details with your operator. Make sure that for every day of the trip, you know exactly what the group is doing when and with whom. If you are unsure about something, don’t hesitate to keep asking your operator.

  1. Re-iterate immigration requirements

Repeat to everyone the visa and vaccination requirements. Remind everyone, that it is everyone’s own responsibility to have the correct visa and vaccinations documents for the trip.

Two weeks before your trip:
  1. Inform your group

Send out a list of things-to-bring, cultural do’s and don’ts, accommodation details, etc.

  1. Arrange room sharing 

If you stay in a shared accommodation: Best to divide up the rooms beforehand.

  1. Recommend Travel Insurance

Recommend everyone to get travel insurance. In fact, we suggest to make this a requirement. In this case, you can ask your participants to email you the receipt for the insurance as proof.

One week before your trip:

  1. Prepare cash-on-arrival

Exchange money to local currency, so that you can pay the remaining amount to your operator (if you have agreed on cash-on-arrival, which is typical). You will get the best deals at a money changer before you leave for your destination

  1. Get driver contacts

Get contact of your driver from your operator (phone number, make of car, license plate). WA the driver and make sure he/she replies, to verify the phone number is correct.

  1. Be reachable

Recommended: Purchase a roaming package to be reachable in your destination via phone, so that you can communicate with your operators.

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