Want to post an adventure? Follow these 5 golden rules

Want to find one or two travel buddies for your trip to Eastern Europe? Organize a walking tour through Little India during Deepavali? Hike Mt Bromo with friends-to-be? It’s quick and easy to post an adventure on 3PlayGrounds. And it’s completely free.

We recommend to follow these 5 golden rules for writing content that inspires travel buddies to join you: 

1. Post an adventure with pictures

Posts with pictures are being read at least 4 times more than those without. Use pictures to inspire!

Pictures are also a great way to convey without words what kind of trip you have in mind: Adrenaline? Culture? Nature? Friendship? Foodie Trip? Beaches? History? … .

How to find good pictures: 

If you have been to your destination already, use your own best shots! Hint: If your friends are in the photo, ask them for consent before posting.

Haven’t been there yet? No problem. There are great pictures on Google, FlickR etc. . It is important to only chose those that come without intellectual property restrictions. This is how:

1) Go to www.google.com and enter your search term, e.g. ‘Fiji’
2) Click ‘Images’
3) Click ‘Tools’ -> ‘Usage Rights’ -> ‘Labeled for reuse’
4) Download your favorite shot

Always use good quality shots: Good smartphone photos are fine. But do avoid blurry or dark photos.

choose images that inspire

Choose images that inspire and that convey your trip feel

2. Pick a good time for your adventure

No one wants to take unnecessary days off. For single-day events, pick dates that fall on weekends or public holidays, or that take place after or before work (I, for example, always love brisk morning walks).

Before you post an adventure, check if other events are already scheduled on 3PlayGrounds for the same dates. Posting a 2h walking tour through S’pore’s Little India and but there’s already a week-long trip to Canada on the site? Not a problem (as these two will attract very different types of travel buddies). But if you are going to Halong Bay and another trip already goes to Sapa (hint: both are in Vietnam 🙂 ), better change your date.

Want to avoid the monsoon? Skip peak season to keep pricing low? Go when the wildflowers are blooming? …don’t forget to check your destination for the best times to go.

3. Tell a story

When you post an adventure, don’t get too hung up on the itinerary: Others will get intrigued if you tell why you want to go there and what is so special to you about this place.


Say you want to host a surfing trip. Write that you found out that there is a bunch of retired surfers in Malaysia at a beautiful beach no one knows about.

Say you want to host a walking tour through Bukit Brown cemetery. Post a picture of the newspaper articles that covered the ‘fight over Bt. Brown’ between activists and Singapore’s LDA.

You get the idea..

4. Cover some frequently asked questions

Here are some questions that others may have in mind:

How trained do I need to be?

In the surfing example, you might want to write: “Suitable for absolute beginners, but you must be able to swim.”

What kind of amenities and transport can I expect?

Convey whether you plan to sleep in bunk beds or in a luxury resort, and travel by low end public busses or private jeeps, etc. .

What’s the itinerary?

You can but you don’t have to post a detailed itinerary. In our experience, itineraries can change as the trip draws closer, so we avoid being overly specific. Some multi-day postings give an idea on what is planned on day 1, day 2, day 3. But others just write: “Hey I want to go to Belgium on the 26th to 3rd, do you want to join me?”. Both are fine!

NOT NEEDED are details such as: What do I need to bring / directions to meeting time and place ? 

These are not needed upfront when you post an adventure. At this stage you just want to gage whether there is interest! You can always amend your posting later, or write personal messages, once you know there is interest.

5. Be patient but respond timely

Be patient! When you post an adventure, oftentimes it may take a few weeks until you get your first RSVP. Don’t be disappointed.

But once/if you do get an RSVP or questions via email or WhatsApp: Always answer timely and honestly. Your potential travel buddies don’t know you yet and being a good communicator goes a long way to establish trust between the two of you before the trip.

This is also the time where each of you can check whether you have a good chemistry fit. For us, this rule of thumb roughly holds: When we post an adventure, then for every 10 people interested, about 5 will end up coming along (sometimes less, sometimes more). Don’t be disappointed – that’s how it should be! That’s what 3PlayGrounds is good for: Find out beforehand whether you are a good fit for each other.

Now, have fun posting your first adventure!

If you have questions, comment below, or message us at chiefs@threeplaygrounds.com .  

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