Iran is well-known for its history, civilization, architecture, landmarks and also made famously notorious by George Bush for being an “evil” country for its defiance to compliance.  I won’t be debating about how “evil” or “harmless” Iran is, I think the tons of articles many independent travellers that have travelled there and written about how safe the country is, how friendly the Iranians speak for itself.  Instead I will write about the beauties and colours of Iran that is rarely talked about.  Let’s adventure to the colourful and beauties of Iran.

Colourful hot spring Badab-e Surt

Colourful Badab-e Surt Iran nature
Badab-e Surt, photo credits to Iranbeauty Tumblr

Badab-e Surt is like the famous Mammoth Hot Springs in the US, Pamukkale in Turkey and Huanglong, Sichuan in China.  It is formed over thousands of years.  The water from the two springs flowing from the mountain ranges has combined. Forming natural staircases of orange-, red- and yellow-colored water pools.

Colourful lakes of Iran

Pink Maharloo Lake


Pink Maharloo Lake is a seasonal salt lake located 27 km southeast of the city of  Shiraz.  The lake water typically evaporates by the end of summer and exposes the white lake bed. By mid-summer and due to high evaporation rates and salt concentrations, the lake water turns pinkish red as a result of the red tide within the lake.

Salt Lake of Urmia

Salt Lake of Urmia - Iran nature
Salt Lake of Urmia

It was once the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth, 140km in length.  This lake spans over 2 other countries Azerbaijan and Turkey.  In Aug 2016 the green lake turned red.  The warm water’s high salt concentration makes what’s left of the lake a prime breeding ground for algae, which turn the water blood-red.

Gahar Lake

Gahar Lake - Iran Nature
Gahar Lake of Lorestan Province, photo credits of tishineh

The Gahar Lakes are dubbed “The Jewels of Mount Ashtaran” and are considered the most stunning lakes of Iran.

Iran’s colourful mountain and highest volcano mountain

Aladağlar of Tabriz


Aladağlar is a chain of colorful hills near the north-western city of Tabriz. The naturally-hued hills are in copper red, tallow, and green.  Such similar colourful mountains I believe are found only in 2 other places in the world China and Peru.

Mount  Damavend

Mount Damavend -Iran Nature
Mount Damavend, photo credits to Hamed@Flickr

How about trekking the highest volcano mountain in Asia Mount Damavend?   Mount Damavend is the 12th most prominent peak in the world, and the 2nd most prominent in Asia after Mount Everest. It is the highest volcanic mountain in Asia, and part of the  Volcanic Seven Summits mountaineering challenge.

For an easier hike, how about visiting the beautiful mountain ranges and villages of Mazandaran and Gilan province near the Caspian Sea?   Then get on to the unique landscape of Torkaman Sahra Golestan.

Mazandaran and Gilan  province mountain ranges

Mazandaran and Gilan province mountain and villages
Mazandaran and Gilan province mountain and villages

Alasht – Mazandaran

Alasht – Mazandaran
Alasht – Mazandaran, photo credits to Samir@Flickr

Torkaman Sahra Golestan National Park

Unique landscape of Torkaman Sahra Golestan National Park
Unique landscape of Torkaman Sahra Golestan National Park

Beautiful Islands of Iran

The New York Times in 2010  has rated Kish Island as the world’s 10 most beautiful islands.   Also the fourth most visited vacation destination in  Southwest Asia.   When travelling in Iran, it is likely you will be asked: “Oh, but have you been to Kish?”  Kish Island is well-known for its shopping, clean beaches, scuba diving, and cycling.

Kish Island
Kish Island

Qeshm Island, UNESCO Geopark

Chahkouh Valley
Qeshm Island, Chahkouh Valley

The Qeshm Island is renowned for its natural beauty, and recently designated as a UNESCO Geopark.  The little island just 135km long has the Hara Marine Forests, Qeshm desert, Namakdan salt cave & dome, Star Valleys and, Chahkouh Valley.

Colourful Hurmoz Island

Red soil of Hurmoz Island
Red soil of Hurmoz Island

The multicoloured rainbow island off Iran Hurmoz Island is a geological wonderland.  The Island has so much to offer that I will need to dedicate an article just for it instead you can read Will Hatton’s wonderful article of Hurmoz Island.

Caves of Iran

Iran is home to more than 300 caves.  The most famous being Ali-Sadr Cave is 70 million years old, it is also the longest and largest river cave in the world. The cave is 11.2km long and 2.1km tall.   Located in the Zagros Mountains near Ali-Sadr Village, 75km in the East-North of Hamedan Province.

Ali-Sadr Cave

Ali-Sadr Cave - Iran nature
Ali-Sadr Cave

The world longest salt water cave Parau in Qeshm Island of 6.4km long dating 541 to 484 millions years old.  One of the deepest cave in the world and most difficult caves to venture, it is extremely narrow and twisted corridors and very deep wells.

Chma Ice cave

Chma Ice Cave, photo credits to cambridgeincolour
Chma Ice Cave, photo credits to cambridgeincolour

It is unbelievable that Iran seen as a desert country has permanent ice caves.   The ice cave Chma found at the edge of a desert is also the largest source of fresh water in Iran.

Iran has so many amazingly beautiful nature that an article is not enough.  I have not even mentioned the many waterfalls, canyons, and deserts found in Iran.

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