8 little known beaches in Singapore for the adventurous

East coast park beach, Sentosa Palawan, Siloso beach, Pasir Ris beach and Changi beach are some of the well-known beaches.  Do you know there are some little known remote and hidden beaches that will only surface when the tides are lower?  It is a must visit for the adventurous and curious ones.

Sentosa hidden beach

Sentosa Hidden Beach - For the adventurous one

Sentosa Hidden Beach

The Sentosa hidden beach is one of them, you can reach the beach from Shangri-La hotel.   It is a rocky beach with small caves and many sea creatures can be easily spotted when tides recede.  I suggest a hike only when the tide is 0.8 metres and lower.  This hike is also much more adventurous, you can climb the rocks and discover small caves.

Tanah Merah beach

Tanah Merah Beach, worth the hike

Tanah Merah Beach, photo credits to misstamchiak

This is an artificial beach near the Tanah Merah ferry terminal and is off-limits now.  However, volunteers will have a chance to visit this beach when help is needed to clean up the beach.   You will see hard corals reefs and seagrass found only in Chek Jawa.  You can read here to find out more details.

Punggol beach

Punggol beach

Punggol Beach, photo credits to digitalpimp@Flickr

The Punggol beach can be easily reached with frequent buses starting from Punggol bus interchange.  The boulders on the beach made it unique from other beaches in Singapore.   Stephan@Flickr has done an excellent job capturing the beauty of this beach, click here to view his photos.   However, behind the beauties, an ugly past, the Japanese army used the beach to shoot 300 to 400 civilians on 28th Feb 1942.  As recent as late 1997 a man looking for earthworms as fishing bait found a skull, two gold teeth, an arm and a leg.

St John Island, Lazarus Island and Kusu Island

Beautiful St John Island

St John Island

Those beaches found in Lazarus Island are my favourite.  Not only it is one of the cleanest beaches, it has the shades of turquoise and blue and fine sand found in many beautiful beaches around the world.  If you want a beach paradise over a weekend without leaving Singapore this beaches is your choice.  Like the Sentosa hidden beach, some parts of the island beaches are accessible when tides are lower.  Therefore, I will recommend visiting the islands during low tide if you want to see more.

Chek Jawa beach, Mamam beach, Jelutong beach, and many wild beaches for the adventurous

Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa, photo credits @theguywhoismoving

Mamam beach and Jelutong beach are some beaches near the campsites.  However, the wild beaches facing the Straits of Johor are not easily accessible by foot and best reached by a kayak.  I may try bashing through the jungle to find a path leading to the wild beaches of Palau Ubin.  When I find it I will invite more people for the hike.   For that to happen, I am hoping to find some adventurous folks interested to find that path to the wild beaches.   There will be no clear path, so let me know and we will arrange the adventure bashing time.

Sister’s island

Sister's Island, for the adventurous

Sister’s Island, photo credits to Islandcriuse

You will need to charter boats from West Coast Pier or Marina South Pier to get to the island.  Sister’s island is also part of Singapore’s only marine park.   During low tides of 0.4 metres and below, the intertidal area in the marine park is most suitable for visitors.  Singapore waters are home to 32% of hard coral species found worldwide, 200 species of sponges and 100 species of reef fish.   The National Park organizes trips to the island but I always can’t get a spot.  As such I am also looking for a group so that I can charter boats.  Do drop me a note here if you are keen.

Palau Hantu

Pulau Hantu reef in the foreground of the refinery island

Pulau Hantu reef, photo credits Peiyan

Like St John Island you will need to charter a boat from West Coast Pier.  During low tides, it is possible to walk over to the smaller island.  You can also try snorkeling and fishing.  Palau Hantu allows camping but not Sister’s Island.  I would like to organize a camping trip one day but I need a group.  Do drop me a note here if you are keen.  Click here to read what Peiyan found in Palau Hantu.

Sembawang beach

Sembawang beach

Sembawang beach, photo credits to Jerome Lim@The Long and Winding Road

This beach also one of the few natural beaches, is easily accessible by bus from Sembawang MRT.   Besides the beach, the area rich history where the huge British Royal Navy was once based has left a unique heritage.  The black and white colonial houses, the Beaulieu house, bunkers, old mosque, old gate, read here to find out more.  Jerome Lim did a great job explaining Sembawang history.


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