If you have hiked the well-known Bukit Timah Hill and Mount Faber Park.  Walk the lengths of Southern Ridges and Dairy Farm Nature Park.  Trek around MacRitchie Reservoir park, Upper Pierce Reservoir, and Lower Pierce Reservoir.  You would want to consider this off-the-beaten-track adventurous hikes that are not well labelled with no obvious entrance nor exit.

Tampines quarry hike

Off beaten hikes

Tampines Quarry Reservoir

The hike around the quarry is about 3km, nearby the Bedok reservoir, try finding entrance near Tampines Industrial Ave 2.  This hike requires you to bash through tall lalang leaves, I will recommend wearing long sleeves and pants and hats to minimize cuts.

Choo Choo trek

Off beaten hikes

Trekking out from 1st tunnel of Choo Choo trek

This trek is a walk along the unused Jurong railway track that connects to defunct Bukit Timah railway track now the Green Corridor.  It starts from West Coast Food Centre area and ends in defunct Bukit Timah railway station.  If you fear dark tunnels, swampy area, ankle deep mud and tall grasses then it is a hike not for you.  I have hiked this trek many times and every time the trek changes with urbanization.   I normally start the hike from West Coast Food Centre, it is hard for me to describe the route, for your safety I suggest that you join a local adventure group such as SAC .  They hike this trek once a year.   To get an idea of the trek, here is my rough guide, but please don’t expect to see the tunnels following it as google map won’t allow me to go off-the-beaten-track.

Off-the-beaten hikes – Pipeline trek

Off beaten hikes

1st pipeline along the pipeline trek

This hike treks the length of the water pipeline, the pipeline that transports water from Malaysia to Singapore.  You can start your hike near Woodlands Street 41, walk towards Mandai road then towards Zhenghua Park, you can choose to end there or continue your journey towards Bukit Timah nature reserve.  If walking on the pipeline seems daunting you can always walk along the pipeline.  This hike is not as difficult as Choo Choo trek, however, I would still suggest going with a group, the trek is over 10km so is good to have a team to support each other to keep going.  You can join  SAC  too, they hike it once a year.

Lorong Halus trek

Off beaten hikes

Starting trail of Lorong Halus trek

This is a totally uncharted hike that 3PlayGrounds and group decided to explore.  Unlike other hikes, some sections of the trail don’t even have a well-walked path that one can follow.  Start from a trail right after the Punggol bridge and walk into the swamps. If wild boars dashing out from nowhere is your kind of adventure, gather some friends and explore the Lorong Halus marshes.

Lentor stream

Off beaten but no longer possible hikes

Path leading to Lentor stream

This stream runs one of the last few freshwater streams in Singapore.  Unfortunately, the area has been marked for residential development and the area has been blocked off from public access end of 2016.

Soon disappearing hikes – Tengah forest hike

Off beaten hikes

Tengah Forest stream

Hike this forest before it becomes another residential area. Tengah forest is planned to be a car free forest residential town and developed by 2018.  Get in from Jurong track road 22 and exit is only possible via Jin Lam Sam road.  If you lost your way and don’t mind some adventure, try bashing through the forest and you should get to main roads of Bukit Batok Road, Brickland Road or even Kranji Expressway.  I have planned to hike the forest this July before cranes and forklift change the landscape,  join us for this hike.

Pulau Punggol Timor and Pulau Punggol Barat

Pulau Punggol Timor and Pulau Punggol Barat connector, photo credits to lkkang@clubsnap

This will be an easy hike, unlike the rest, exploring 2 reclaimed islands.  Especially the pristine untouched landscape of Pulau Punggol Barat.  You can start from Punggol LRT Nibong station and end your hike at the west camp road.  The more adventurous ones might want to continue and try your luck visiting Jenal jetty, just before the Yishun dam.  There have been talks with the owners that the jetty needs to go, so quickly take a look before it is gone.  Read here to find out what is happening to the jetty.