For some that have a hard time getting to sleep or find that is too hot to hike under the scorching hot sun, why not go hiking at night.

Hike from Pandan Reservoir to Jurong fishery port

Hiking from Pandan reservoir to Jurong Fishery port
Night view of Pandan reservoir

Visiting Jurong Fishery port is one of this fun and enjoyable hike, starting from Pandan reservoir that is otherwise too hot during the day time.  You will see the brightly lighted up Jurong off shore Islands and industrial buildings that create the beautiful water reflection on Pandan Reservoir.  The wholesale fishery port that receives a wide variety of seafood products from international sources.  It can be quite stressful experience as the trolleys are always behind your backs asking to give way, some vendors aren’t too friendly to retail buyers, but there will be friendly vendors who will happily sell at a fraction of retail price.  You will need to exchange your ID at the security gate to gain access and it closes on Monday.

Admiralty Park to Senoko fishery port

Senoko fishery port

Senoko Fishery port, on the other hand, is a wholesale centre for local fisherman, you can expect local fishes, shellfish and prawns not found in Jurong Fishery port.  Starting your hike from Admiralty Park, the brightly lighted causeway makes the walk an enjoyable one.  You will be rewarded with seafood prices at a fraction of the retail price but be ready to buy in bulk.  You will need to exchange your ID at the security gate to gain access and it closes on Monday.

Tanah Merah Country Club to Changi Village

Changi beach at night, photo credit imranmd@blogspot

Hiking from Tanah Merah Country Club (ECP) and following the park connector and then finally ending your hike in Changi Village.  You will be walking along long stretches of quiet beaches and along the plane runway, walking past Casuarina forest.  At the end of the walk, you will be rewarded with good food that Changi Village is well-known for and also the happening pub scene.  I will suggest to bring your picnic mat and wait by Changi beach for sunrise.

Hike for food from Geylang to marina barrage for sunrise

Golden Mile Complex, photo credits to misstamchiak

Make this hike a food trip, gather a group so that you can sample as much food as possible, starting from Geylang savouring Yong He Taiwanese food, Mongkok Dim Sum, Eminent Frog Porridge, Sin Huat Eating house crab bee hoon, Lorong 9 Bee Kway Tiao, then continue your hike to Beach Road to enjoy some Thai food at Golden Mile Complex, and finally hike your way to Marine Barrage for sunrise to burn off some calories.

Night hiking adventure in Palau Ubin

Hiking to see nocturnal creatures
Musang, photo credits to wildpix@blogspot

Have you ever considered hiking Palau Ubin at night?  I have never considered this option until several years back where I brought some youths for challenge camp, one of the challenges was to walk Palau Ubin at night.  Palau Ubin becomes pitch dark at night and nocturnal wildlife comes to life, owls, snakes, musang, deers, bats, pangolin and many others.  The more adventurous ones can consider kayaking around the island to explore the mangrove swamps and its wild beaches.

Hiking Green Corridor from Tanjong Pagar to Upper Bukit Timah

Night Hiking of Green Corridor
Green corridor, photo credits to Joseph Nair@goingplacessingapore

Start your 12km hike at Silat road block 23, walking along Ayer Rajah Expressway, passing through light industrial buildings of Bukit Merah and Alexandra, then to the old HDB estates of Commonwealth drive, Tanglin Halt and Ghim Moh, reaching Old Holland Road and finally exit at Bukit Timah railway station, make the last 1.5km hike to Cheong Chin Nam Road and reward yourself with roti prata, clay pot, and Chinese food.   Several food stalls open 24 hours and some till 4 am.  So take your time to enjoy the quiet and cool walk, experience a different Singapore and even see animals and insects you will never expect to see.  Read here for the route.

I highly recommend not to do all this night walks alone at night, Singapore is relatively safe but we never know what animals, reptiles, and insects we might meet.


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