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Who's going?

Tropical forests harbor the majority of terrestrial life on earth, yet they are being destroyed or degraded at unprecedented rates by fragmentation, exploitation, and the introduction of non-native species. Excluding Malaysia, deforestation analysis for Singapore revealed a great loss in our biodiversity. For the last 183 years, deforestation caused 4,866 plants, 627 butterflies, 234 fish, 111 reptiles, and 91 mammals to be extirpation off the island's original biota of the flora and fauna. 73 percent (or 61 of the 91) known forest bird species have died out since 1923 alone. According to Nature Society (Singapore), about 3% of tropical rain-forests and 1% of mangroves remains in Singapore.


One of the many deforestations that took place today is a secondary forest which will make way for a new neighborhood in the Teacher's Estate area, off Yio Chu Kang Road.

This forest, historically known as “Bukit Sembawang Estate” is home to the critically endangered Sunda Pangolin, critically endangered Banded Leaf Monkey and the Sunda Slow Loris (assumed extinct but now regarded as rare by mammal experts). 

“Wastelands” is a team-building project by Urban Explorers of Singapore (UESG) and 3PlayGrounds that invite you to join in this exploration. We will venture through the forest from point A to point B.  This event was initially assigned to venture through the forest towards Lentor stream however we had to change the location.


On 6th June 2016, Straits Times reported “two rare freshwater streams run through” the forest. Our affiliates traced Lentor steam’s source to a drain at Tung Po Ave, and the second half of Tagore stream, also drain water, wash down at end of Munshi Abdullah Walk.



Currently, the only stream that can be considered as “natural”, as reported by Urban Explorers of Singapore (http://goo.gl/uOmpOk), is the first half of Tagore stream which came from Upper Peirce Reservoir. And that is where we’re going because the idea is to have everyone experience and enjoy nature in its original state.



Terms of Engagement

For safety reason, everyone required come with covered shoes and long pants (also long sleeves) to stay cut free and minimize insects bites. Strictly no slippers, sandals or any footwear that is not covered. We will try to take care of one another during this event, however, please do acknowledge that 3playgrounds or Urban Explorers of Singapore will not be held reliable for any unforeseen injury or accidents that you might experience.

Meetup Location

We will be meeting at bus stop id 56209. You can get here by taking bus No. 138 from Ang Mo Kio bus interchange. If you feel that you might lose your way, search "Bef Thomson Hills Dr" on your Google Map.

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and we'll need confirmed RSVP from at least 6 friends

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