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Who's going?

We're hosting our very 1st Meet&Share evening:

Lee Ling just returned from a unforgettable trip to Africa and will share with you stunning photos, videos, and stories.
 Join us on an Africa evening!

Come and meet your fellow travel friends!

At the same time, we are keen to hear about your travel experiences - anything you would like to share: Where have you been? Where would you like to go next? How can we make our community a better one? 

Meet&Share: Join us on an Africa evening starting at 55 Waterloo Street Singapore 187954
Our venue, Crossing Cafe, seeks to provide employment opportunities, personal development, and dignity for the disadvantaged so that they can have more paths in society. They serve delicious comfort food at affordable prices. They channel all profits to charitable and social causes. Let's support them!

Want to host the next Meet&Share, telling stories and showing photos and videos of a trip you've done recently? Just email or WhatsApp us!
This adventure is: #tastebud-tickling, #for-a-good-cause, #free
What it takes to make it happen:
It will cost us
and we'll need confirmed RSVP from
at least 6 friends
and we'll need confirmed RSVP from at least 6 friends

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